Farmskins Wallet Card 10 USD - FARMSKINS.COM Key - GLOBAL


The Farmskins Wallet Card 10 USD is a prepaid digital voucher for opening Counter-Strike: Global Offensive item cases. If you are an experienced CS: GO player, you can now draw rare in-game items and the best skins to personalize your gameplay!

How does it work?

By logging in via your Steam account, you can top up your wallet at any time. Visit and choose from many fantastic winning opportunities. Browse classic cases, limited edition cases, knives, battle cases, and many more. Choose the box you are interested in and use the money from your wallet to start the case opening right away. The chances of succeeding are high, and it is your best opportunity to win some rare items.

How do I redeem my Farmskins Wallet Card?

After purchasing the 10$ Farmskins Gift Card at, go to and log in with your Steam account details. Find the Add Funds option in the settings and enter your code in the Wallet Code area. From now on, you can browse the cases freely and hunt for the best reward! All quickly and via online instant delivery.

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