McAfee Mobile Security for Android 1 Device 1 Year - McAfee Key - RUS


McAfee Mobile Security is designed to protect your mobile device from harm. This includes various viruses, trojans, spyware, and other potentially harmful programs that may be used by cybercriminals to attack your device in order to steal your data or mess with your files. Stay away from both digital and real-life threats, thanks to the anti-theft features, like the CaptureCam and precise device location. Take a picture of the thief and get notified by e-mail about the device’s current status.

Solid Mobile Antivirus

Your computer is not the only device that may get infected with malicious code – your smartphone is also susceptible to similar dangers. That’s why it’s important to install proper antivirus software on your mobile device and keep yourself safe from the negative impact brought by viruses and other malware. McAfee Mobile Security takes care of most types of threats and automatically blocks harmful actions, making browsing the web and using social media apps much safer.

Theft Protection

Smartphones are usually one of the most valuable items we carry around. It’s no surprise that due to this fact combined with their relatively small size, they are also one of the most popular targets for thieves. Protect your mobile device against thieves with McAfee Mobile Security. Track the stolen device in real-time and get notified about its status through the website. Utilize CaptureCam to take a picture of the thief and erase sensitive data to prevent unauthorized access. Enable alarm to easily locate the lost device.

Privacy Settings

McAfee Mobile Security is also an effective management tool which makes it easier to organize your privacy settings. See what kind of data each of your apps collects and alter existing rules if you find them violating your privacy. Share your applications with selected people and create profiles for different settings. All of these with just a few simple clicks – no advanced knowledge needed.

Key features:

  • Professional antivirus which helps to protect your mobile device from most types of digital threats
  • Data erasing capabilities and device locating features in case of a steal or losing the phone
  • CaptureCam – take a picture of the thief caught red-handed when he fails to enter the right PIN code
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